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Each participant must read and acknowledge the following rules & indicate so by signing the registration form.

1. Federal, State & Local laws shall be obeyed by contestants at all times. Violation of any federal, state or local law shall result in immediate disqualification of the individual and his/her team from the tournament series.

2. The tournament is open to any and all competitors including fishing guides. All participants will be entered in the same division. There will be no exclusive guide division. The event staff reserves the right to refuse entry into the competition to any team or individual competitor, with or without cause, at its sole discretion.

3. Contestants under the age of 18 must fish with legal guardian/parent.

4. Tournament participants are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and ethics. Unethical conduct will result in disqualification from the tournament. Participants are not allowed to fish within 100 yards of another team at any time. No fishing is allowed within 500 yards from any ferry landing. No outside communication allowed during tournament hours unless there is an emergency. No communication amongst other teams during tournament hours unless there is an emergency. Team must call Tournament Director if help is needed.

5. All fish shall be taken by rod and reel. Each team member can have more than one rod & reel in possession, but can only fish with one rod and reel at any given time. NO live or dead bait allowed. Artificial Lures ONLY. All 3 anglers must leave on one boat. Team members may not split up into multiple boats. Life jackets and kill switch must be worn when boat is on a plane. Wading is allowed but anglers must be in sight of each other at all times. No Kayaks allowed. Only (1) one team member may bring fish in on another team's boat, the other (2) two must remain on the team's original boat until rescued.

6. The tournament will not issue any liability coverage for this event. By signing this entry form the participant agrees that the tournament officials, participants, and sponsors are absolved of any responsibility for damage or injury sustained due to their participation in the event or any related activities.

7. The entry fee for the first (3) three events will be $1000 per team, per event. A team may consist of less than three participants but the entry fee shall remain the same. A minimum of 75% of the total entry fees will be paid back to the teams in cash and/or prizes with stringers that place 1st through 5th in each event.

8. This is a live fish weight-in! Any fish that is declared dead by weigh-master will be penalized a 1/2lb each.

9. Big fish pot for Heaviest Trout and Heaviest Red Drum is $100 dollars per team per species. Heaviest Trout has no maximum size limit. Heaviest Red Drum must be 20-28 inches. These pots will pay out 50% to heaviest fish in each division on day one and heaviest on day two. The heaviest fish in each species will also be awarded prizes at each event. Dead fish will be penalized a 1/2lb for big fish pot too.

10. Entry Fee and Big Fish pots can only be paid for with cash at captains meeting. Checks will only be accepted for early registration and the deadline is one (1) week prior to each event.

11. A team's stringer weight shall consist of {1) ONE Red Drum 20"-28" and (3) THREE Speckled Trout, all three Speckled Trout can be over 25 inches as long as each team member caught one each following TPWD laws. Each team may only bring Three (3) Trout & One {1) Red Drum to the scale for stringer category. These fish will also be used for the big fish pots.

12. Fish will be inspected for alterations in size, length, and weight. No mutilated/altered fish will be accepted. Fish can be gutted at weigh master's discretion. Any mutilated/altered fish will result in disqualification of the team weighing in the fish. Weigh master's decision on any matters dealing with weigh-in is final.

13. There are no boundaries. Teams must launch from tournament site. Fishing private waters is not allowed. All fish must be taken in public waterways.

14. In the event of inclement weather and/or fog, the tournament director will make the decision on whether the tournament will be postponed to a later departure time or to the following day. The decision of the tournament director will be final in all weather-related matters.

15. Checkpoint & Boat Inspection: Each tournament event will have a designated checkpoint. Each boat must go through a checkpoint prior to departure on tournament day. The check point will be communicated to the teams at the Captain's Meeting. All tournament boats must be inspected by a tournament official at the official tournament site before they are released to fish. Failure to go through the checkpoint will result in disqualification.

16. At least one member of each team must be present at the Captain's Meeting. Team numbers will be drawn by each team at the mandatory Captain's Meeting the day before each tournament begins. Once a Team number is drawn, it may not be changed, traded or sold to another team. It is the contestant's responsibility to know his Team number, official tournament time and check-in time. On day one the teams will depart in the order of number drawn, on day two the order will be reversed.

17. Weigh-in time is as follows:

Event #1 (Port Aransas, TX) – Jan.31st - Feb.2nd 3PM - 4PM

Event #2 (Port Mansfield, TX) – Feb. 28th - Mar. 2nd 3PM - 4PM

Event #3 (Matagorda, TX ) – Apr. 4th -Apr. 6th 4PM - 5PM

All teams must return to tournament site for weigh-in by boat. A member of any team wishing to weigh-in fish must be checked-in & in line before 5PM on the day of the event. Any team that is not checked-in by Weigh-In End Time will result in immediate disqualification. Official time will be announced at Captain’s Meeting. Culling of fish in line will not be allowed. Once you have weighed your fish in you must immediately return to your boat and proceed to load your boat onto trailer to allow room for other teams to dock at weigh-in.

18. In case of a tie in heaviest trout or heaviest red drum, the team that weighed in first will be the winner of each day. In case of a tie in stringer, the team that weighed in first on day 2 will be the winner.

19. Multiple polygraphs will be given to the winners at the tournament committee's discretion. Failure of polygraph test will result in immediate disqualification of the team. Each contestant agrees to submit, by the signature on the official entry form, to the polygraph test to determine the results of the tournament and shall not contest the polygraph results. Failure of all Three (3) team members to be available for the polygraph test is grounds for immediate disqualification. *Alcohol is strictly prohibited during tournament hours. If you feel there is a chance your team will be polygraphed, alcohol is also strictly prohibited until polygraph tests are complete.

21. Protest - Protests must be submitted to the tournament director in writing with a $300 cash deposit no later than 10 mins following the weigh-in of the last fish. All decisions will be made by the tournament committee and are final. If the protest is upheld, the cash deposit will be returned to the person submitting the protest.

22. TOTY (Team of the Year) will be decided by the total stringer weight of all 3 events. To be considered for TOTY, a team must fish all 3 events. If you are competing for TOTY, there will be an additional one-time fee of $300 per team at registration. In the event of a Tie (Team's Total Weight), TOTY will be awarded to the first team to weigh-in on day two of the final event in Matagorda, TX.

23. Each team will consist of 3 anglers, if fishing for TOTY the same 3 anglers must remain on one team. Each team will be allowed to designate one (1) alternate angler and only one (1) alternate angler for the entire series. The one (1) alternate angler will be the only substitute angler allowed to fish for the team if a member is not able to fish. The one (1) alternate angler can only fish on one (1) team during the entire series. The alternate angler must be declared at the first captains mtg. Jan. 31)

24. If your team plans to fish the entire series, the entry fees for all 3 events plus series membership fee must be paid in full on/or before January 31, 2019 at the captain's meeting in Port Aransas, TX.

TOTY will be decided after the 3rd event in Matagorda, TX. The winners will take home the brand new custom 2019 Haynie 25 Magnum boat package with a Mercury Outboard, rigged with Garmin GPS, Power Pole and Wet Sound Stereo - complete with Coastline Aluminum Trailer.

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